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Steel pan and kora


Steel pan and kora

Bravo-Bravo's latest album, Small Talk fuses two traditions of Africa and the Caribbean in an innovative and contemporary way.
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Small Talk

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Smalltalk-album cover

1.Small talk
3.Old Kaiso
4.Dialy Ya
7.Na Silo
8.Kilonding (Orphan)
10.We Are The Same

Some nice things said about the music of Bravo Bravo:

"The meeting of the Trinidadian Calypsonian and a Senegalese Griot and the result is really rather remarkable…It really worked those two instruments (the steel pan and kora) coming together."
Andy Kershaw BBC Radio 3

"Small Talk. One of this year's pleasanter surprises"
FRoots Magazine

"Congratulations on making such a fine album. I think it's a gem"
Jamie Rendon, Journalist, DJ, Darbucka and Promoter

"We are enjoying the Small Talk CD here"
Ian Anderson. Editor FRoots

"Fimber Bravo and young Senegalese kora player Kadialy Kouyate found a common thread, and proceeded to weave it into a tapestry of multi-hued beauty…It's a splendid mix that finds the missing link between two completely different strains of traditional music, and blends them seamlessly to create something new"
Dave Oliver, Songlines





On Beat(2001), the Kora and the Steel Pan meet for the first time to talk to each other.
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Beat-album cover

1. Little village song
2. Salloo Thai (Across the border)
3. Goin' goin' gone
4. Dancing with friends
5. Voodoo groove
6. Aa monta (Reaching out)
7. Storm
8. Beat them
9. Journey
10. Dreaming
11. Corruption
12. Wailing steel

What people say about Beat:

"I really enjoyed BEAT. The steel drum is an instrument unknown outside Caribbean culture, it was a real pleasure to hear it used in such an innovative way. It got me thinking, which is what all music should do."
Damon Albarn, BLUR

"I loved it! BEAT is a beautiful blend of unique musical methods, deadly drums, killer kora and sultry steel. Totally mesmeric!"
Paul Godfrey, MORCHEEBA

"This is an astonishing piece of work. Once again the virtuoso steel pan player Bravo-Bravo has pushed back the boundaries of contemporary black music. A groundbreaking evolution of steel and skin"

"It's really excellent"
Martin Morales DJ

"Mesmerising steel pan"
Dazed and Confused Magazine

"BEAT took me on a wonderful imaginary journey to Trinidad, Ghana, Senegal and Nigeria. The Kora and steel drum are a beautiful marriage, played with sweet simplicity, sharing one love and respect for each other"
Monty Alexander, jazz musician

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